Best of NYC Interior Design Blogs

There are a ton of interior design blogs on the internet and finding the best stuff can be difficult. To help you sift through it all, I'm going to share some of my favorite posts and columns from some of the most popular interior design blogs in NYC. A lot of the columns can spark up great ideas for your own home. A few more can help you make interesting decorative and furniture. The DIY’s are a definite must-see and try as most of the items are hard to find even in the vast interior retail stores accessible for residents in NYC.

Design Sponge’s Before and After Column

Design Sponge is a rare find of practically anything and everything that has to do with design: from living spaces to iPhone cases, clothing to rugs, entertaining wares to notepads and chairs, designer profiles to sneak peeks of stylish homes.

The blog features posts from various creative contributors. This naturally gives you generous servings of unique products, DIY’s, ideas, themes and concepts every day of every week. Design Sponge has carefully laid out its blog so that categories are easy to spot and ads are tastefully lined at the right side.


The person behind the design blog is one who never runs out of style herself: Grace Bonney has been featured on TV and has worked in various home and style and even food and wine magazines.

My favorite column: Before and After

There are plenty of home makeovers being featured on TV but there’s nothing quite like having a handy how-to guide or even just a set of pictures you can constantly refer to while working on your own project for your home.

Design Sponge’s Before and After column provides ample images of a space’s before and after looks. Photos of a noteworthy piece, a corner, or an entire room’s before and after are pitted against each other, side by side, one on top of the other.


Details like unique paint jobs, knobs, hardware, decor and artworks are often given their own moment on each post.


Scrolling through this section of Design Sponge should set off creative juices to inspire your own ideas for home projects.  If you ever decide to pull off one of or a part of the looks, details on where to buy and what materials to use are often included in the posts. Otherwise, the blog and the column itself have more than enough followers that you can interact with at the comments section.


Little Green Notebook’s Creative DIY’s

It’s easy to love The Little Green Notebook. The blog comes off as very personal and warm even as it tackles furniture, fabric and DIY’s. These are things Jenny Komenda is very passionate about and her blog consistently showcases these passions along with her style and her expertise as an interior decorator.

Going through the blog will have you coming up with fresh new ideas: for a wall paint job you’ve been putting off or for a piece of furniture you’re undecided about.  Jenny’s work has been featured in many design publications like the Wall Street Journal and Better Homes and scrolling through her blog is always time well spent. The best thing about it is Jenny lives just around Brooklyn. Any stores she mentions could very well be a stone’s throw away from where you live.

My favorite column: DIY’s

The thing about DIY’s is that they make coveted, hard to find pieces well within reach. The Little Green Notebook has just the right column for anyone who has the knack for making things or for those who simply can’t find a piece available in stores anywhere in NYC.  

Jenny also makes sure you can replicate her DIY’s by letting you in on the materials and the entire process which are usually relatively easy to find and do, respectively. She’s very detailed so you shouldn’t miss out on anything.  In instances that you do miss out on some steps, you’re always welcome to email her or comment.

These are just some of the pieces I’ve been fawning over at her blog.


This Sputnik Chandelier looks elegant and expensive and I’d wager one would never initially think this didn’t came out of a box as is and that this could be done overnight! 


Another one of my favorite DIY’s from LGN to date is these Shades Made out of Mini Blinds. They’re particularly easy to do and significantly inexpensive compared to custom or retail ones.


You can even choose the exact folds you’d like to have.


Lastly, I have to feature this tufted headboard that I know many would want to have to fancy up their bedrooms. 


You can pick out as many or as less tufts as you want and you get to make the whole thing out of the exact color and fabric you have in mind.


Material Girls’ Furniture Friday

Material Girls is best described as a fun interior design blog. It’s written in young and fresh tones by equally young designers that are based in five of America’s major cities, NYC included. The design finds anything and everything that has to do with design including home features, furniture pieces, rugs and hardware. Each post also seems infused with a little pop culture.

If you want to be in the know of the latest in design and architecture, this is a blog you’d like bookmarked or to be subscribed to. Material Girls also feature designers, books, events and places to shop.

My favorite column: Furniture Friday

Furniture Friday provides no nonsense features and posts of the more unique and interesting furniture available all across America and the web. Each post is basically composed of some basic yet good photos of notable pieces, the column writer’s opinions on each piece and the price, brand and retailer of each.


The landing page has the categories all lined up neatly in one page so you can skip to a page that has all the particular furniture you’re looking for. There’s a page for coffee tables, armoires and etc. Furniture Friday is a really organized resource for furniture finds and inspirations.

NY Design Agenda's New York Top 10's

The general concept of the blog NY Design Agenda is pretty much similar to that of Material Girls except that it focuses on just NYC alone and the tone of blogging is more neutral.  

The author blogs about architecture, home and hotel interiors , books, events, trends, details, stylish places to see around New York, furniture stores and everything that has to do with design. It’s the best spot on the web to go to if you want to see all that NYC has to offer in terms of art and design.

Favorite column: New York’s Top 10

With all the information the blogosphere has to offer, I really appreciate the occasional posts that pare down those info for me. Extra points for when they come in numbered lists.

This is why I highly recommend looking out for NY Design Agenda’s occasional Top 10 posts. They don’t have their own category but they usually go under NY City Guide. Here are some of my favorite NY Top 10s to date:

Top 10 Design Stores in NYC

The post makes mention of venturing outside of Ikea and discovering exotic pieces that just might work for you like this sculptural lounge chair from VOOS in Brooklyn…


Or a futuristic lighting fixture perhaps?


Top 10 Design Hotels in NYC

I like exploring or browsing through chic establishments. Hotels in NYC are simply some of the more modish establishments in the world and this post highlights the bests of the bests.


The Bowery Hotel                                                         Crosby Street Hotel

Lastly, I love the post that covers the 10 best places to wine and dine in NYC in terms of aesthetics.

Bouley, 163 Duane St..jpg

Bouley, 163 Duane St.

River Café, 1 River St..jpg

River Café, 1 River St.