Interior Design Services Long Island: Just What do they Do?

If you're in the planning stages of building or remodeling a home in Long Island, then you really have two choices when it comes to the interior design. One is to do the design work yourself, and the other is to hire a professional to do the work for you. But just what exactly does an interior designer do?

The picture that most people have in their head is a creative person, an artist who rather than painting on canvas or sculpting at a table, is one who works with the interiors of buildings. While this may be true, it turns out that there's a whole lot more than that they do for their clients. Various services that they provide that are just as important.

Counseling Clients on Creative Direction

One of the first things that interior design services clients should do is get a consultation on your creative direction. Most clients come into the picture with a general idea of what they have in mind for their renovation, but it tends to be unfocused. So creative direction functions as a roadmap of sorts for the designers to follow.

For example, an expert may help a client to put a name on the design style motif that they have pictured in their head. American colonial, art deco and Shaker are but just a few of the more common popular design styles that are out there; and a client quite often will have one of these common design styles pictured their head and not even know it.

Surveying for Fits and Code Compliance

After deciding the design direction, the professionals will need to survey the building. Measurements have to be taken and the general structural engineering of the building has to be examined.

Ceiling heights, for example, have to be measured to ensure that anything that the designer and the client have in mind will be able to fit and still have the ceilings a minimum of eight feet tall. Then, things like bearing walls and firewalls have to be identified as well. Also a building’s engineering status will determine particulars like how much square footage can be devoted to windows.

Then the Design Work Begins

Now, it's time to get down to the real design work and this is when ideas are put to paper and clients and designers collaborate to come up with final decisions on things like materials. Most people are simply unaware of what goes into material selection. Choices in hardwoods, for example, can be daunting but it even gets worse for materials like marble.

Nicola HagginsComment