6 High Tech Trends in Kitchen Remodeling NYC Residents Need to Know About

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, New York City residents have a well-earned reputation for being quick to adapt in the latest innovations. In recent years, however, trends in high-tech features and components having been advancing at a faster pace.

Here are the top six high-tech appliances every NYC kitchen should have:

‘As Use’ or ‘On Demand’ Water Heaters

They're commonly referred to as both “as use” and “on-demand” water heaters. No matter what you call them, they are one and the same. These appliances get hot quickly and are able to heat up without using as much power. They’re a great option for somebody who's looking for a way to cut their carbon footprint during a remodeling project.

As use or on-demand water heaters don't use a tank and that is where the energy savings comes in, because there's no tank to keep hot when it's not in use. The hot water is produced immediately on-demand as it comes out of the faucet, and these water heaters are also available in several sizes. There are larger models to heat water for an entire home and smaller compact models that tuck in easily under a kitchen sink.

Ultra Realistic Synthetic Polished Stone Countertops

Another trend NYC residents are catching onto is synthetic polished Stone countertops. It’s difficult to tell between these countertops slabs and real cut and polished marble or granite. So why would someone opt for fake stone when it's actually more expensive than real granite or marble?

This newer polymer-based product fuses together seamlessly to give countertops a solid one-piece appearance. Scratches also sand out easily, and these countertops aren't as vulnerable to staining like real stone is. It's also lighter, too, so it's a perfect choice in boats and recreational vehicles.

Spotlight on New LED Lighting

LED lighting has been around for decades now, but it was it's high cost that kept it out of reach for only but smaller, more limited applications. New, improved methods of manufacturing, however, have led to more affordable pricing, so now for kitchen remodeling NYC residents have yet one more new option when it comes time to design their lighting scheme.

LED lighting comes with several benefits. First, you don’t to have to change bulbs. Also, the light emitted by LED crystals also diffuses more evenly, so there is no bright center and no dim region in an area that's being lit. The LED technology is also an energy-saver, as it uses only 12 volts of power.

Kitchen Sink Resurfacing Kits

New technological developments have made kitchen sink renovations a cinch for just about anyone. Resurfacing products have been around for decades but they just couldn't hold a candle to what's available now in today's kits that contain everything you need for the job.

There are more choices in brighter, more vibrant colors and the finished results resists cracking and chipping and deliver a longer service life. With resurfacing, not only do you save money by not having to purchase a new sink, but you also save money on labor.

Green Alternatives to Hardwood Flooring

When it comes to flooring and kitchen remodeling, NYC residents tend to not think high-tech. The bottom line: modern advancements in manufacturing technologies have created alternatives to hardwood flooring that are beautiful, affordable and renewable. Now, you can have the look of a hardwood floor without any of the guilt.

Bamboo flooring is one of the more popular styles, and no, it doesn't look like bamboo. Bamboo is actually a grass, so it grows readily without the heavy use of fertilizers and insecticides. Another renewable domestic alternative is eucalyptus-flooring tiles that are made from trees grown in arid areas of Australia, rather than environmentally sensitive rain forests.

Using Appliances Via the Internet, Mobile Phones

When it comes time to start in with kitchen remodeling, home and condo owners will also find that it's time to buy new appliances. Manufactures have been in direct competition with one another to see who can cram more features into refrigerators, stoves and ovens.

These days, you can activate appliances when you are away from home. With the help of the Internet or a smart phone, you can have a hot meal ready and waiting when you arrive home. Then refrigerators are also available with technology that allows them to track how fast and how much of your favorite foods that you're using and even automatically re-order them and have them delivered.

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