My High Point Market Adventure


 I came home from my first High Point Market experience about 2  weeks ago. For those who may not know what that is, it's a market place for designers to see the new collections of their current lines and a great opportunity to seek and find new product lines to offer to their clients. It's also an opportunity to go to seminars or meet famous designers like Thom Filicia & Libby Langdon.

Many blocks, many blding, many hundred of thousands of products. As designers we are all out to find amazing wonderful things for our current projects as well as future. 

I traveled with a colleague of mine of whom I have know for over 11 yrs, Rose. We had a great time, learned a ton from one another and had so much exhausting fun. Pics below show some of the amazing finds from some of my favorite providers of lighting, furniture & accessories.

It was a great experience to really learn and share this experience with not just another designer but a friend.