Giving back

Hi all,

We are getting to the season of giving so... I think its time to start thinking of how you and your family will want to give to those in need.

Letting my clients know of ways to donate their home items that are in good condition but no longer needed or work, is one way. Believe it or not kitchen cabinetry and appliances can be donated. I love ReStore, the people of Habitat for Humanity. They will come and pick up your unwanted furniture, cabinets, appliances and resell it at very low prices for those in need. That money is one way they keep going. 

A great friend and designer Michelle Dunbar of Fashion House Interior Design in AZ, reminded me of the story of Walmart. Walmart called the customer to let them know that they can pick up their layaway goods and that they were all paid up as a Happy Holiday gift from a total stranger. 

We all need to be greatful and think of different ways we can give back, weather its our old things, money donations, helping a food pantry or anything else you can offer, now is the time so start thinking. 

Please write me with some of your ideas, I'd love to post them! Hey that's a way to give back too! You never know who you will touch.